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PVC Colored Compound

PVC Compounds are used for manufacturing shoe or footwear soles and different coloured compounds used in the process to give a beautiful and colourful finish to the final good. Therefore, TP Polymer Private Limited - one of the best PVC Colored Compound Manufacturers in Delhi has an array of coloured PVC Compounds available to meet your varied manufacturing processes. These are an exceptional and excellent choice for shoe sole manufacturing.


  • Resistant to heat and can be used at a high melting point.
  • Different sizes, colours, grades are available.
  • High-grade material that can give a smooth finish and durability to the shoe soles.
  • Known for their excellent and crack-free finishes.
  • Widely used in sole manufacturing and easily mould into different shapes.
  • Very flexible and easy to work with and have low maintenance needs.

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