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PVC Compound

PVC Compound is Polyvinyl Chloride, which is one of the important and most accepted raw materials, used for making several end-products, including, footwear sole, bottles, pipes, films, rubber hoses, and other specific products. Its use in different manufacturing depends on the grade you are using, so be specific with your choice to get optimum results. This has a huge demand in several applications and TP Polymer Private Limited - one of the best PVC Compound Manufacturers in Delhi has been involved in catering that huge demand and we specifically deal in PVC Footwear Compound.


  • It is formulated using plasticizers and helps to make flexible materials.
  • Have low thermal stability and has a low carbon footprint.
  • Pollution-free and can be recycled, which make it an environment-friendly choice.
  • Designed using high-quality lead-free chemicals that benefit users manufacturing process while keeping the environment protected.
  • Very flexible and can be easily moulded into different shapes as per the need.
  • Resistant to chemical and environmental challenges.
  • Very light in weight and can be converted into different forms.
  • 100% solid and multi colours including, Natural, White, Foam, Transparent etc. are available on demand.
  • Virgin non-toxic and scentless PVC resin material.

Our PVC Compound are suitable for Footwears Industry:

  • School Shoes
  • Canvas Shoes
  • Bonds For Gents
  • Ladies Belly
  • Kids (Kiddi) shoes
  • Sport Shoes
  • PVC Soles
  • PVC Straps
  • It also used for the making of upper sole of modern shoes
  • It uses as an alternative to synthetic in traditional leather in formal shoes

Also we can serve with PVC compounds for:

  • Auto-motive parts
  • Gaskets
  • Pipes
  • Wires / cables
  • Our PVC Compounds are available in various colors / shades:
  •  Natural White Foam Transparent Colors on demand
  • Special Benets of using our PVC compounds:
  • Made from Lead-free chemicals
  • Easily get mould into different shapes while manufacturing the shoe soles
  • Resistant to attack by chemical
  • Light in weight
  • Easily get convert into different forms
  • Good tensile strength
  • Excellent moulding property
  • Superior inherent properties of abrasion, oil resistance
  • Different color compounds for sandals, slippers, and shoes

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